Helpful Documents

How to pre-screen potential tenants using the Delaware County Public Access website.

CLICK HERE for a step by step tutorial


Tax Tips for Landlords – Click on the link to get some great tips for landlords from Intuit


PA Abandoned Property Law – click on the link to read the text of HB 1714 which addresses the Landlord’s responsibility when a tenant is evicted or otherwise vacates a property and leaves personal property behind.


Home Depot 2% rebate – Click the NARIA link (below) for instructions on how to sign up for the 2% rebate from Home Depot.


Property Tax appeal forms 2014 – These are the two forms needed to file a Property Tax appeal. One form is for Delaware County and the other form is for the City of Chester.


Carbon Monoxide Detector Act – This is the new law passed in 2013 regarding the requirements for Carbon Monoxide Detectors in all types of housing.


Fair Housing Rules – This is a Statement from the Department of Justice concerning Reasonable Accommodations.  It is a little dated; however, still a very good summary with examples. Courtesy of Lee Stivale Esq.


Jeffrey Taylor (AKA “Mr. Landlord”) has spoken at DPI meetings in the past. His website is a great resource for rental property owners. Click Here to get to the many useful tools and ideas from the Mr. Landlord website


April 2013 Seminar on Landlord Tenant Law courtesy of Lee Stivale, Esq.

Click Here for the summary.


Real Estate Investing Vocabulary courtesy of Bill Becker

Click here for this “dictionary” of many terms you will hear used regarding Real Estate Investing.


New Pennsylvania Law on Abandoned Property:

Click Here for the handout provided to us be Lee Stivale Esq. at the October 2012 DPI meeting.

Click Here for article written and provided to us by Brad Dornish Esq.


Property Tax Appeal – Click on the link below for the Tax Appeal handout provided by Lee Stivale Esq. at the June 2012 DPI meeting.

Click Here for Tax Appeal Handout


Wage Attachment Rules and Forms (2 Documents) – Courtesy of Lee Stivale Esq.

Click on BOTH of the documents below in order to do a Wage Attachment – Provided by Lee Stivale Esq. from our October 11th, 2011 Info Depot

Wage Attachment (Oct 2011) DPI

Wage Attachment (Oct 2011) Appendix


Landlord Tenant Act – Click on the link below for a copy of the Landlord Tenant Act that Lee Stivale discussed at the January 2012 DPI meeting.

Click here for the Landlord Tenant Act


Use of Criminal History to Deny Rental Applicants and Fair Housing


Application of Fair Housing Act Standards to the Use of Criminal Records by Providers of Housing and Real Estate-Related Transactions